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Histopathological analysis was done by one pathologist who had no knowledge about the clinical status of any patient, to avoid bias

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The drugs that are prescribed have side effects and may ultimately cause more harm than they can do good

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I used to get horrible spells of vertigo (I thought) I would stumble into walls, see double vision, could not stand up or walk straight

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in such a low place after leaving Speedgoat thatI started writing about the design on ablog I’d

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controlled studies do not support use of infrared therapy for the treatment of any type of wound, ulcer

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Nevertheless, recommendations for the investigation and management of neck pain lack a strong evidence base and are predominantly extrapolated from low back pain studies.

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report (in fact referring to an export order) emphasizes that AKZO UK planned in flour additives to gain

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While Par had a strong distribution network and $7 million in cash, it was spending $3 million a month on lawyers, consultants, and auditors

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Even though I’ve received jars of jam asgifts from other people, I somehow never considered (until now) doing it myself.

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Outdoor flags are finished with a strong canvas heading and brass grommets on flags up to 6 x 10 ft

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