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a particular monument, a place, or a curve of land; he relied on visible signs confirming experiential

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I did lost a stone early on and another stone and half some years ago but it’s crept back up and I’ve been flipping back and forth a stone.

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We reached Loja, in the far south of Ecuador, and the road again dropped out of the mountains

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There is no room for error when a person's medications and healthcare are concerned

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This might help with his balance if not they told us all of his problems now could be he still has CNS and the toxicity from the radiation is taking over his brain along with methetrexate toxicity

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This test records the patient's brain waves, heartbeat, and breathing during an entire night

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We are a gaggle of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community

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The transplant coordinator is the main point of contact and he or she will be completely familiar with each patient’s needs.

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As a parent carer of two disabled sons one of which has epilepsy and has ballooned in weight due to his medication I am well aware of the consequences this will have on people

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